3 Fastest Ways to Make Money From Home (With No Experience)

Updated: 6/1/19

Making money from home is seriously tough. If you’re short on time, and you don’t have enough money to start your own business, then keep reading for our top 3 fastest ways to make money from home (even without experience).


If you don’t have experience or you need to work from home, then best way to make fast cash is to take online surveys. Survey sites are free to join, and they pay out in cash (usually direct deposit, check in the mail, or PayPal). Below are our top survey site recommendations for the highest cash payouts possible.

Survey Junkie

This is one of the highest paying and reputable survey site available with over 100,000 social media followers. Survey Junkie pays up to $50/survey and they pay in cash. It’s free to join with one-step registration, and get paid to answer questions in various topics such as if you like to travel, if you BBQ, watch movies, and dozens of other topics.


This is our secret to earning cash from home quickly and easily. If you’re looking for not just surveys for cash, but other work from home opportunities like part-time work, remote work from home, and even clinical trials, check out SurveyVoices. The average user makes up to $800/week with SurveyVoices because they research all of the highest-paying surveys, work from home jobs, and clinical trials currently available so you don’t have to waste time doing the research yourself.


Getting remote work or part-time jobs that you can do at home is impossible on the big job board sites like Monster.com or ZipRecruiters because those sites focus on full-time jobs in an office. Below are our top job board recommendations you need to work from home.

(Note: Register for a free account for both of the below job boards so you can search both sites to see what available opportunities they both have.)


This job board lets you search for work from home and part-time jobs based on any previous experience or current skillset. Inside TargetedCareer, you can even type in “work from home” or “remote” in the search box to filter by these kinds of jobs.


FreshGigs is a great job board if you’re looking for part-time work, whether it’s working from home or if you have the ability to work outside of your home for a few hours a day. You can search FreshGigs by geography and location to see companies in your town that are hiring part-time work. Or if you’re restricted to working from home only, search by remote part-time jobs to find internet based opportunities.


A penny saved is a penny earned! Beauty products are expensive, so I like to get free full-size beauty products instead of paying for them myself. The easiest way I’ve found to get free beauty products is to register for free sample programs that give you product to try and then you tell them your opinion about it. This is perfect for any beauty lover, if you’re a beauty blogger that wants new free products continuously for blog posts (without asking brands for freebies), or if you have a wedding coming up and need makeup for your big day without spending a ton of money.

Keep reading for my list of favorite free beauty product sample programs to try out for yourself!


These free product programs are run by marketing research companies where cosmetic brands pay them to get “consumer opinions” on their products (aka “user testing” or “focus groups”). For example, you register to get a free lipstick, they ship you the lipstick, and then you tell them your opinion and experience with the product.


The best way to maximize how many free products you get is to register to as many programs as you can. If one program doesn’t have any product samples that interest you, then you simply register to the next program until you find products you want to try. It’s silly to pay for beauty samples now because you can choose which full-size product  you want to get for free.

(Note: Make sure to register for each individual sampling program below to ensure they offer you the beauty brands that you want to sample! A single marketing company will have different programs available, each offering different beauty brands.)


There’s a marketing company that’s not well-known yet called Pinecone Research, who gives free beauty products and also pays you in cash to test the product and give your opinion about it. The only catch is right now they’re only looking for people who are Asian or Hispanic. When marketing companies ask for specific ethnicities, it means the beauty brand is going to create an advertising campaign that targets those specific groups of people, or they are developing products for those ethnicities. So if you fit either one of those, I definitely suggest joining Pinecone Research for free.

Photo credit: @ayearofboxes

Photo credit: @ayearofboxes

Free 1-Year Beauty Box Subscriptions

Register to get a free 1-year beauty box subscription to boxes such as FabFitFun and BirchBox.

Photo credit: @alittlebittc

Photo credit: @alittlebittc

Free Luxury Makeup Products

Register for free to get full-size luxury makeup products from brands like Nars, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, or MAC.

Photo Credit: @crueltyfreekitty

Photo Credit: @crueltyfreekitty

Free Drugstore Beauty Products

If you’re more of a drugstore gal, register to get free full-sized products from brands like L’oreal, Garnier and Nivea.

Free MAC Cosmetics

If you’re a fan of MAC Cosmetics, this sample program focuses solely on free full-sized products of MAC makeup and skincare.

Photo Credit @popsugar

Photo Credit @popsugar

Free Bath & Body Works

If you love Bath & Body Works, definitely join this free program to receive free B&BW body products, candles and more.

Photo Credit: @beautyconspirator

Photo Credit: @beautyconspirator

Free Victoria’s Secret

For the Victoria’s Secret fans, register to receive free full-sizes of Victoria’s Secret makeup, body and skincare products.

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