5 Easy Steps to Achieve Goals When You're Totally Not Motivated

Some may think that a life full of unfinished goals may be daunting and full of pressure to achieve all the time. But, a life without any goals whatsoever can be unfulfilling.

Some of the best tips below are so simple yet we have to master the basics to create a foundation before we attempt the complex goal attainment systems. And when you’re not feeling motivated, overwhelm can easily derail your efforts completely.

Sometimes, you can look at someone and think they are winning so easily. Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Brendon Burchard, and even Susanne Norwitz. They all started somewhere and it wasn’t at the top of the mountain. We are certain they can humbly assure you of that. They all persevered, kept their eye on the prize, and weren’t afraid to fail before they succeeded.

Let’s check out some of the amazingly simple hacks we’ve found that are not only doable but pretty inspirational. We really hope these help bring back a new zest to your attaining your goals.


Write Things Down

So simple. Do it on a pretty piece of paper, a sticky note or on your hand. Who cares where it’s done, as long as it’s done.

You know that bullet journals are all the rage now, so maybe it’s time to start one and see where that takes you.  

Start with identifying your big goal of the year, then break it down into smaller bitesized goals, and finally into actions you can take everyday. Writing these down will feel attainable because you’re creating a custom roadmap to achieve your goal.

Smallest Steps Ever

Just to drill in the pure fact that small steps are totally amazing.

The second easiest tip is what we’ve mentioned before in our earlier hacks and that is to start really, really small. There’s actual science to back up the significance of achieving small wins that help you continue to persevere. 

If you can do small daily actions (or on days that you assign within your schedule), a snowball effect is created. Then over time, you’re on your way to achieving your goal.

Rome (and Oprah) wasn’t built in a day.

Copy What Kids Do

Ever watch a kid get what he really wants? That’s willpower, tenacity, and perseverance. We, as adults, need some of what they got back in our lives again.

Kids tend to fixate on something they want, then they try anything they can think of to get it. Crying, screaming, guilt tripping you, bartering, threatening, asking other adults. They keep attempting to attain their goal, over and over. And they don’t get discouraged if their 10 tries had failed.

We lose our ability to keep trying after multiple failed attempts because of our developed egos and excuses we make in our heads. On the other hand, kids simply don’t have these negative thoughts and they keep pushing towards their goals.


Patience, Grasshopper

The bigger the goal, the longer the time it will take to achieve it. Want to make a million dollars? That can take years to accomplish. But want a strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone? It takes 20 minutes to get to the nearest Baskin Robbins. We are so use to instant gratification that no wonder people expect immediate results with everything including large dream goals.

Stay on Track and Stop Getting Distracted

Our phones, social media, random fake emergencies, and even our subconscious thoughts can distract us to the point that we get completely derailed from our working on our goals. All of the tips we shared here is to help you simply stay on track. Like losing weight and getting healthy, attaining any goal takes daily action, dedication, measurements and having short term and long term plans.

Achieving your big goals and dreams doesn’t happen on accident, it happens with a plan and persistence.

When life happens and you have to take a day or week away from your goals, simply hop back on the train. There’s no productivity in feeling guilty. Get back on track ASAP and keep pushing to stay on track.

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